Exe Flags

Date: January 3, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community, Marv
Categories: Technical
Tags: dev
  • -dev
    • Launches the game in dev mode.
    • -gazzazaicar
      • The player's car is controlled by an AI. -dev needed.
    • -gazzasaiinfo
      • Debug information is shown on the screen. -dev needed.
  • -window
    • Launches the game in a window.
  • -window 1024 786
    • Launches the game in a windows with the specified resolution.
  • -nopause
    • The game doesn't pause when it loses focus.
  • -nogamma
    • Disable gamma correction (fullscreen only).
  • -lobby <ip address>
    • Launch a lobby with the command line lobby <ip_address>. <ip_address> can be the host's IP, 0 (to search for local sessions), or entirely ignored (for launching the host).
  • -nointro
    • Disables the intro screens.
  • -sload
    • Disables the loading screen. Loading times can be shorter.
    • -useallcpu
      • Make the game use all CPU cores. Use in conjunction with -sload!
  • -emulatefullscreen
    • Only useful for Re-Volt 1.2 on Windows 8 and up. Gets rid of framerate issues when running the game in fullscreen mode.
  • -gogodemo
    • The game starts in demo mode.